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Willow Winery & Vineyard - now owned by Tracy & Harry Faulkner continues the grape growing, wine making traditions established 26 years ago by John & Jo.  

Willow Vineyards was established in 1992. It was a work of passion and love, created and designed by John and Jo Crampton. Located on a beautiful, wind-swept hillside in Suttons Bay, the panoramic views of West Traverse Bay add to the majesty of the vineyard.​  Purchased during the Pandemic by Tracy & Harry Faulkner, they are thrilled to continue the tradition of fine wine making and grape growing, while enhancing the experience of each and every guest.  

The Wines and Wine Makers of Yesterday & Today at Willow

Since the purchase, Tracy & Harry initially collaborated with Christian Guest whom many will recall (over the last 30 years) to produce what they are calling his finest wine ever!  The 2019 "Un-Filtered" Pinot Noir, a signature wine for Willow.  The new labeling is being approved and the unveiling of the wine and the label will create quite the party on the Hill. Another huge hit will be the "All Day Psychedelic Rose'"  Named by Rose' sipping owner, Tracy Faulkner who says, "it's not just mid-day Rose' it's good enough to drink "all day!"  Stay tuned for many new releases . . . Until then, come in and enjoy all the wonderful wines of Willows past, all of which have been perfectly caged, aged and staged, just waiting for this grand re-opening day. 

Other collaborations took place with the 2021 harvest of Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the 3 estate-grown grapes at Willow.  The Faulkners brought in a double master degree wine maker and sommelier who trained on the 45th parallel in Bordeaux, France.  You did know Willow is also on the 45th as well.  


Speaking of . . . The most exciting collaboration thus far exists with our 2022 Harvest.  Celebrating Willow's 25th Silver Anniversary last summer, The Faulkners teamed up with famed and acclaimed wine maker, Jay Briggs and our friends of 45 North Vineyards to create the first-ever, Willow Sparkling Wine commemorating the Silver Anniversary of Willow.  The "secret" sparkling bottles are currently under great care awaiting their final phase at the sparkling winery everyone in Suttons Bay will know.  Stay tuned for a sparkling celebration in the Summer of 2024.   

"From the Vines to the Wines" we do it all at Willow.  Shown celebrating with a glass of wine is Tracy Faulkner, Proprietor / Managing Partner and Wine Maker in Training.  Tracy will continue to balance the branding and managing of Willow Winery - A Faulkner Family Vineyard while learning the fine art of wine making.  Meanwhile, her husband Harry will tackle the "VINES" portion of Willow's Management.  He, along with long-time vineyard management expert and friend, Richard Lauzon, the two will continue to tend to the vines to help ensure the best wines for years to come. 

We look forward to sipping some wine with you very soon.  And, since everything is done by hand here at Willow, if you'd like to become a Willow VIP (Very Important Picker) and help with the Harvest and participate in the  most fun Picking Party EVER, make certain you subscribe to our e-mail list, or, even better, text Tracy at 832-248-1188 and ask her to add you to the growing list of Willow Wine Lovers who also love to get their hands in the vines during harvest time.  Until then . . . 

Warm Wishes, Wonderful Wines & Great Times!  Cheers!

Tracy & Harry Faulkner - Proprietors & Managing Partners

Willow Winery - A Faulkner Family Vineyard 



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