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Roadtrip Riesling

Roadtrip Riesling

a collaboration with our neighbors down the way at Two K Cidery & Winery, bringing a Harvest of their Reisling grapes back to Willow to produce, what most have called, "The Least Sweet" Reisling in the Region.  2017 - Flavors of lemon, pineapple, jasmine thru out and a light ginger finish.

2020 Wine Pricing

$16.00 - Balaton Baby Cherry

$18.00 - Roadtrip Riesling

$19.00 - Sweet Rain Chardonnay

$18.00 - Pinot Noir Rose

$18.00 - Pinot Gris

$23.00 - Pinot Noir

$19.00 - Chardonnay

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Pinot Gris.jpg
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