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Friday "FLAMINGLES" Have Begun!

What's a "FLAMINGLE" you ask? It's Willow's way of getting our Willow Wine Lovers together every Friday afternoon to make new friends while helping the Faulkner's make new wines. "From the Vines to the Wines" we do it all at Willow, and you can too! Put on your most comfortable (and practical) walking shoes and jump in the Vines to help tie the lines, tuck the vines, and clean the fruit zone to expose our gorgeous grape clusters to the #PUREMICHIGAN sunshine and breezes coming from The Bay. We also call this "The Willow Workout" as there is no greater exercise than going up and down 6 acres of lush green rows putting in some time with the vines. And, there is nothing more fulfilling than completing a row and being the one to mount the Flamingo at the end of the post. Soon enough, guests will wonder, "what's with all the flying flamingos?" The answer is simple, it's the most whimsical way of looking out on the vineyard and seeing progress and production simultaneously.

In exchange for getting in your steps and spending time in our vines, you'll receive #WineForYourTime. Yes, for every hour you spend working the vines, we'll reward you with wine. If you're single, come FLAMINGLE! You never know, you could meet the love of your life. Or, if you're a FLOCK OF FLAMINGLES, come have fun in the Michigan sun. Every Friday from 3-6 p.m. we'll have a portion of the patio received for our Flamingo Friends, along with complimentary appetizers, ice cold beverages and of course, Willow WINE! We'll also have fun raffles and flamingo give-aways. We may even have special Flamingo prizes for the hardest working wine lover and the most festively dressed guests. Yes, this is the time to put on any pink or flamingo themed outfits you've been waiting to wear.

We look forward to some fabulous Fridays in the vines and spending quality time with you! For a guaranteed space and place, please call or text Tracy Faulkner, Managing Partner & Proprietor at 832-248-1188. Please note, it's an open invitation and you're welcome to participate any time of the day on Friday, for as long or as little as you like. Let the FLAMINGLE fun begin! Until then . . .

Warm Wishes, Wonderful Wines & Great Times! Cheers!

Tracy & Harry Faulkner - Proprietors / Managing Partners

Willow Winery - "A Faulkner Family Vineyard"

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