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Celebrating 25 Years!

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Summer of 2022

Greetings Willow Wine Lovers, Friends & Neighbors,


We are the proud new owners of Willow Winery – A Faulkner Family Vineyard – and have been since February 2021.  Buying, Opening and Operating a winery and vineyard while navigating the licensing transfers with government entities during a world-wide pandemic has not been fun, much less an easy one to tackle.   None-the-less, we are at the very final phases of this chapter, and are writing a new narrative of our story. 


We are thrilled to announce, beginning June 25th 2022, We and Willow will open to celebrate the summer in honoring John and Jo Crampton’s brilliance and vision in building (and planting) Willow all those years ago.  Although we missed the 2021 season, this is still technically the 25th (year) Anniversary of Willow.  We will be celebrating the Silver Anniversary Spectacle with many fun events, and many unique opportunities for our guests, friends and neighbors.   We worked all last summer to freshen and brighten up the tasting room, (our new boutique), the patio and adjacent wine cellar and barrel rooms.  Although still a work-in-progress, we are excited to invite you to see the modest changes, and enjoy the spectacular views from our unobstructed hillside and patio.  This truly is PURE MICHIGAN!


We have been most grateful to our neighbors and partners on the Peninsula.  Please stop by and say hi, send guests down the hill and shop our boutique housing a curated collection of cherry fashions and fun, an assembled line of Willow-Wear and souvenirs as well as wine-related items (But not WINE).   Pick up a Silver Platter Cheese Plate and enjoy your time in the great Michigan sunshine. 


We will be offering private and group VIP Tours – “From the Vines to the Wines” a historical, hands-on, personal appreciation of Willow, recognizing and celebrating the last 25 years.  Tours are $15 per guest.  (With a portion of every tour going back to a chosen charity in our community.)  Advance registration and reservations are strongly suggested.  You may reach Tracy Faulkner directly via cell at:  832-248-1188 (preferably by text) to make your reservations Tuesday thru Saturday, 12-4 p.m. (Although special accommodations will be made to include additional days and times.)

Think of Willow as the perfect place to take a break from drinking, take a tour, enjoy the hillside and view, and a safe place to bring along your child to enjoy the beauty and the fun games on the patio.  Kids love the tour.  They get to label bottles (i.e.)  put stickers on things.  They get to cork a bottle (with a cool corker.)  They get to write on our walls inside the wine cellar with chalk, (and I remind them not do do this at home.)  Willow may be a bit different while we get our official license, and while this may NOT be the "official" opening as we are NOT SELLING WINE of any kind, it will be a memory and photo opportunity to last a lifetime.  


We look forward to hosting all of you for this special celebration and season, And, we look forward to the next 25 years! Cheers!   Until then . . .


Warm Wishes, Wonderful Wines (just not ours) & Great Times!  Cheers!




Tracy Faulkner, Proprietor/Managing Partner                            Harry Faulkner, Proprietor/Best Partner in the World

Wine Maker in the Making                                                   Vineyard & Vine Enthusiast

Wine by the Glass & Bottle On The Patio


Our award winning wines are created with local grapes, and bottled onsite.

Leelanau County Vineyards, Wine in leelanau county
The Philosophy & History of Willow

As the new owners of Willow, it is our great pleasure and joy to carry on the fine wine making and grape growing traditions created by the legendary, John & Jo Crampton who 30 years ago began their  great adventure in purchasing land on a hillside overlooking the beautiful bay.  There, they hand-planted every vine you see today.  We honor their legacy and applaud their pioneer spirit.  My husband and I look forward to carrying the torch (and pitch fork) in to the next 25 years.  Enjoy their story, as we begin writing ours. . . Cheers!  Tracy & Harry Faulkner -- "John & Jo started developing the property in 1992 planting Chardonnay and the following year Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.  We are in our 22nd year!

Leelanau County Vineyards, Wine in leelanau county
Leelanau County Vineyards, Wine in leelanau county
A beautiful backdrop and intimate space (and place) to host your small corporate affair, celebrate your special birthday, anniversary, engagement or baby shower or simply entertain friends and family on the majestic grounds of Willow Winery - A Faulkner Family Vineyard.  
Opportunities to "Own Willow for the Day" are available.  Limited to 40 guests you'll have the vineyard and venue to yourself.  
We also offer team building events and private tours "From the Vines to the Wines" where you'll have a hands-on, behind the scenes experience as a wine maker and vineyard manager hosted by the new owners, Tracy & Harry Faulkner and long-time, much loved Vineyard Manager, Richard Lauzon.
For pricing, availability and the opportunity to book your next event, please reach out to Tracy at: 
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