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April & May 1995 Journal Entry

April 27th 1995

The vines come around 2.30 by UPS. They leave the 2 boxes in the shade at cottages. Good job. UPS although the box does say perishable on the side. Later that day I open the boxes to check the vines. Don't know why because UPS does such a good job.

So off I go taking the boxes to Hansen's Foods in Suttons Bay to put in their walk in cold locker. Write my name, address , phone number on side.

May 6th 1995

Cool 45 degrees partly sunny. Off I go to breakfast at the Silver Swan in Suttons Bay with Jo. Then off to Willow or should I say Willow Hill Vineyards. Says Jo.

I spend 2 hours preparing the new Pinot Noir patch that will hold 500 new babies.

May 8th 1995

By 8am Jim Empie called and said that he wanted to help me. Probably wanted to help so I would have no excuses not to go Steelhead fishing with him. So I said What the Hell.

After plotting out the poles and where the plants will go we started our course after a long conversation on Fox Shotguns . 75 vines the first day, temp around 60 winds 15 to 25 southwest .Good Day.

May 9th 1995

I arrive around 8.30 to a damp area the clay is too sticky won't have to workout tonight carrying around my feet with lbs of clay stuck to them.

The day is beautiful, about 60 and sunny. We plant 125 vines good day. I stay until 6pm to get area ready for tomorrow planting. A 9am start. All is going well .

May 10th 1995

This is the day of the eclipse . It's to happen at 1:09 and last for 50 min.

I arrive at 9am. Great weather about 55 degrees and sunny. Jim Empie seems to be in good spirits. We start out with a stimulating talk on Fox Shotguns Bill Clinton / Paula Jones , Etc. Guy talk.

May 14th 1995

I'm glad that we are finished planting for fear that another day with Jim Empie I would have to fire him and go it alone. The guy talk is getting to be too much..

I start to grade out the finished rows to plant grass that will be there forever. It looks good.

May 23rd 1995

I start with grating the Pinot Noir patch to seed the rows . About 70 degrees sunny. Good day.

May 24 th 1995

Work on the trellis poles 70-75 degrees and sunny May 25th 1995 More poles. Yuck... sunny 70-72 degrees May 26th 1995 Poles , Poles, and more Poles 30 in all. Did I mention all with post hole digger. CLAY..

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