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June 1995 Journal Entry

June 3rd 1995

Sunny & beautiful day, mid 60s . Ran out of pole space in the east side and had to move to the south side to finish.

Decided to add 23 poles of 6 each that will take us to the top of the hill.

This will give us a good start for the Pinot Noir next year.

June 4th 1995

Meant Jim Thompson at vineyard site around 8am. Had breakfast at Sam's In Suttons Bay . Excellent Started planting around 10am. More deer, and a surprised fox watching me . Think it's going to be a nice day.

Jo arrives around 2pm. We continue planting on the south side. Work until 6pm. Leaving 35 plants for tomorrow June 5th 1995 Cool am. Still sunny around 50 degrees going to get to mid 60s by afternoon. Jo has the day off from Boone's so she arrives around 10am

2 sparrows hawks seem agitated this morning. Maybe it's the extra person Jo and I are having coffee around 10.30 and 2 deer come over the North hill right where we will build our house soon. They trot off towards the woods to the South. Cool. Hope I never see them when the grapes ripen. We have lunch up by the wild grape patch, seems so perfect. We talk about home location and vineyard stuff. Again Cool!

All and All a great day.

We finish at 6pm and slowly head to town for dinner.

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