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Final Journal Entry

The final journal entry we have for now on the beginning of Willow Vinyards. We hope you have enjoyed our story of how it all began. Please stop by the tasting room and let us know if you enjoyed our story. :)

May 27th 1995

If all of those poles were not enough, I go and buy 175 more from Chateau Grand Traverse. God I'm I ill in the head or what.

May 28th 1996

Poles.. about 80 degrees sunny. I go home around 6 pm May 29th Vineyard work. I say that because I am tired of even writing the word Pole.

Oct 2nd 1996

The first of the Chardonnay comes in. Looks great. Until we do a brix sample 17 and acid ph high.

Oct. 10th 1996

We make the decision to pick the Pinot Noir. Both of us are excited about the amount. We are getting to where are only able to pick 10 rows. Half the PN vineyard.

Jo has to go to her real job Boone's and I load up the lugs on the truck and off to Mawby's .

Oct 11 th 1996

I cover over the fermenters and smile.

We are also using a color enzyme called Popidesse ( sorry for spelling. John's hand writing is impossible) from the Wine Lab.

Oct. 12 th. 1996

This day is spent at Mawby's Vineyard helping Larry with his vintages. Double pressing Pinot Noir , Chardonnay, and Pinot Gris for sparkling. Picking up bits and pieces of information as Larry and I talk.

Oct 13 th 1996

Start to crush into a 95 gallon fermenator we fill about 2/3. Again very happy because 10 more rows are waiting for us to pick.

Brix 18. Oh well have to deal with that . After a careful and thorough stirring, between loading and loading in the press, let's see did we press this load 1 time or 3 times with 2 presses? It can get crazy during these days. I'm able to punch the cap on the Pinot Noir at least 3 times a day.

Day 7, the color is getting more like burgundy. Cool...

June 1st 1997

Finally got the sprayer together and feel comfortable enough to start spraying . Decide to spray Nova 6oz/ Everything seems so easy. The tractor doesn't even react to the weight or the 3lb hitch.

Yahoo... life is great and good equipment is even better.

June 2nd 1997

Dad and I set stones on the west side of driveway. We have a few words, but all goes well after that. We start at 12 noon and work to around 5pm.

Happy with what we achieved

June 3rd 1997

Dad and I start at 7am after greasing and check hydronic on skid steer we start stone work around noon. No doubt we will finish west side of driveway today . We did. Looks great.

Next day wait for stones to be delivered . No show.

Sept 10 1997

We receive our birdnetting rather large box. 14' by 5000 ft. About the size of a sewer pipe. Hope this works one hell of a lot of birds around

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