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The First Days

Updated: May 1, 2018

As we celebrate 20 years of hard work that has turned into Willow Vineyards, we wanted to share with you the story of how Willow Vineyards Started.

Entry #1 From Jo's Journal:

May 13, 1993

First vines arrive UPS.

May 14, 1993

Started planting in early am. Treating vines like their very fragile glass .

120 planted. 65 degrees outside.

May 15, 1993

John started planting early . It's a sunny day around 65 degrees . Mom, Patti, Jag, and Jamie are up. Can't help today. Tom Tyrell lends a hand. Plants row 6. 140 vines planted.

May 16, 1993

Company left around 12:00. Headed up to help John plant. Jim Thompson stopped by. Ended up digging 70 holes . Another 120 vines planted.

400 total so far.

May 17, 1993

Beautiful sunny day 65 degrees had a great day. 150 vines planted. Very tired 10 more to go. We made it.

550 planted were almost 1/2 way there. Sure could use some rain.

May 18,1993

Sure could use some rain.Mostly cloudy and cool still early maybe see some rain before day is over .

John planted 65 vines before the rain set in. Thank God for the rain and for 1/2 day of work for John. He has been working so hard.

May 19,1993

Partly sunny, high 50s . Couldn't ask for nicer weather for planting. 110 vines planted. 65 vines left. Came home, rest of vines arrived . Did I say 65 left? I now mean 815 left.

John called Eddie Baur, says don't worry about watering. Willow is all heavy clay soils . Holds the moisture very well . Feeling good about that.

May 20, 1993

Partly sunny 60s

John started using the tractor to haul the top soil around and also spread the clumps of clay. Great idea , saves him so much time and energy. 100 vines planted.

May 21, 1993

75 vines planted. Rain started. Feels so good to see the rain. John gets a much needed break.

May 22, 1993

Lightly raining still able to plant 100 vines. Good Day..

May 23, 1993

Rainy day. John took the day off.Much needed. Not feeling well.

May 24, 1993

Rained all day Sunday. The hill is like a skating rink. The clay gets pretty slippery. John spends the day raking out the dirt balls , looks great.

Have I mentioned how proud of him I'm .

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